Information about the project "Equal access of foreigners to public services: Warsaw"

Equal Access of Foreigners to Public Services: Warsaw is a project implemented by the Centre of Migration Research Foundation. The partner in the project is the City of Warsaw (Team for Coordination of Activities for Foreigners in the International Co-operation Office).

This project has been funded with a grant from the Active Citizens Programme - National Fund (Norwegian and EEA Funds), 2nd call for thematic projects, area: Human Rights.

The project aims at diagnosing and undertaking educational and advocacy activities aimed at counteracting discrimination and ensuring equal access of foreigners (migrants) to public services in Warsaw.

We will focus on five areas of activity of the local government - the City of Warsaw:

- administration (service in the office),

- education,

- health services,

- social services,

- culture and sport.

In the course of the project we will carry out:

1. monitoring -a diagnosis of barriers in access of foreigners to public services and the city's range of services, as well as the exposure to discrimination in contact with local institutions (including interviews and a survey in Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese).

2. educational activities aimed at municipal institutions on anti-discrimination (including preparation of educational materials).

3. advocacy activities involving foreigners, NGOs, experts and institutions in defining needs and identifying barriers to equal access, as well as formulating recommendations on possible ways to counteract discrimination of foreigners in access to public services in Warsaw.